• Fertility Teas That Are Safe When Trying-To-Conceive

    How to know if a specific "tea for fertility" is safe to drink without messing up hormones...and delaying the TTC process even longer. Here is wha...
  • Five Fertility-Boosting Foods That Are Actually Powerful Chinese Herbs

    Today I want to share with you 5 Chinese herbs that you can buy from the grocery store and safely consume on your own! These are herbs that are eas...
  • Supplementing Purposefully with my Supplement Protocol for Everyone

    I absolutely believe in supplementation, but I believe in supplementing purposefully. That’s why I’ll be presenting my basic supplement protocol here, and it applies to everyone.
  • TCM Perspective on the Menstrual Cycle

    I’m going to do a deep dive here of the key organs at work during your cycle, how the four substances come into play with them and how to nourish those specific organs and substances. Armed with that information, you’ll  get a better idea of what you need to do during each phase of the menstrual cycle to boost your fertility.
  • Explaining the Four Substances in Chinese Medicine

    Everyone has these four substances flowing through their bodies. In perfect health, all four are in perfect balance and flow. But when there’s an issue, blockages and deficiencies of one or some of the four substances occur and manifest in various physical symptoms.

  • Clearing Up the Confusion about Primary and Secondary Patterns

    So let’s clear up some confusion on primary and secondary patterns and talk a little more about how to view things through the lens of the “whole picture.”
  • Chinese Herbs 101

    I want to tackle one of my favorite aspects of Chinese medicine that is rarely spoken of (or really, at all) in Western medicine, and that’s the use of Chinese herbs.
  • The 10 Parameters of a Fertile Cycle

    A fertile cycle is the same thing as a regular cycle, right?  Not so!  A regular cycle simply refers to having a consistent cycle length and ovulating every month. A fertile cycle is far more nuanced: In Chinese medicine, it’s a reflection of a woman’s health.