Five Fertility-Boosting Foods That Are Actually Powerful Chinese Herbs

Today I want to share with you 5 Chinese herbs that you can buy from the grocery store and safely consume on your own! These are herbs that are easily accessible and can help your fertility.

 Now, I know that I’ve said tons of times that Chinese herbs are formulated in such a way that they all balance each other and counter balance possible side effects. But the 5 herbs I’m going to talk about today are exceptions because they’re just foods you can eat. These herbs are completely safe for you to consume without having to consult an herbalist because you can just get them at a grocery store! I’m going to share with you what these herbs are, what they do, where you can get them and how to use them.

Keep in mind - It’s important to understand that while these herbs are very beneficial they cannot give you the full benefits you might be looking for because they are only one type of food, one herb. When you only take one herb they might only resolve one certain issue. If you were taking Two Elephants herbal elixirs, for example, on a daily basis you would would get the full benefits of the herbs because they formulated to address a pattern or group of symptoms instead. 


1. Reishi Mushroom - In Chinese Medicine we call reishi Mushroom (lingzhi). reishi Mushroom is considered a superfood but in Chinese Medicine it is used for a completely different purpose. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reishi is used for calming the mind. It is in a category of herbs that is really good for relieving anxiety by nourishing blood and Qi. In addition to being excellent for calming your mind, because it nourishes Qi, reishi also helps with your immune system.

  • Where to buy: You can usually get these in any grocery store in powder form. 
  • How to use: Whatever form you buy they can be consumed on their own or in addition to whatever other herbs you are taking. They’re completely fine to consume as long as you stay within the recommended dosage. 


    2. Goji Berries - When I was in acupuncture school I would eat them like a snack every single day. I would just go to the pharmacy and grab a handful, they are so delicious because they have a natural sweetness to them. Goji berries belong to the category of berries that nourish the blood which means they are perfect for those of you who are naturally blood deficient. They can also be consumed during your period, during your bleeding phase. I want to caution those of you with Qi deficiency. Even though goji berries are very nourishing if you eat too much you’ll notice your spleen Qi deficiency symptoms get a bit worse. If you see symptoms like looser stools or indigestion you’ll want dial back how much you’re consuming. 

    • Where to buy: You can usually get these in a grocery store. They are sold as dried berries.
    • How to use: What I love to do is grab a handful of dried goji berries and throw them into a mug with some hot water and drink them like a tea. You’ll see that the berries will puff up so you don’t need a lot. Take around a half of a tablespoon and throw them in hot water or another tea. Goji berries make a great addition to peppermint or ginger tea because they’ll give a natural sweetness and at the end you can actually eat the puffed up goji berries. They are also great in soups. I don’t recommend eating them straight out of the bag because they are going to be crunchy and hard to digest. 


      3. Tart Cherries - Tart cherries belong to a category of herbs that are nourishing to the heart energy and blood. They also help to calm the mind and help with emotions because they go to the liver and heart.

      • Where to buy: You can usually get tart cherry juice at the grocery store. I would splurge on the organic concentrate. Regular tart cherry juice may be watered down. Pure tart cherry juice may have a higher price tag but it’s worth the cost.
      • How to use: You can take tart cherries any time by drinking a shot or half a shot of the concentrate. If you have sleeping issues they can also be beneficial. You can take a shot or half of a shot of tart cherry juice before you go to bed and it will naturally help to calm your mind and help you fall asleep easier. This is specifically for those of you who cannot fall asleep. If you are waking up frequently in the middle of the night that’s an entirely different imbalance.


        4. Chinese Yams - Chinese Yams are excellent at nourishing Qi. If you have digestive issues or mid cycle spotting Chinese Yams can help. I will caution you though that Chinese Yams are not enough to fix mid cycle spotting if your spleen Qi deficiency is severe. Theoretically it can help but it wouldn’t be a 100% fix. Chinese Yams can also help with fatigue by nourishing spleen Qi. 

            • Where to buy: You may have to go to an Asian grocery store to find Chinese Yams but you can check other local stores as well.
          • How to use: Chinese yams are very bland and similar to yuca or potato in texture making them versatile when using them for cooking. You can use them in any cuisine. Some examples are soups, stir fry, using as a potato by cooking or mashing.  


            5. Job’s Tears - In Chinese medicine it’s called Yi Yi Ren and in English it’s job’s tears. Job’s tears are seeds that look similar to grain or barely. It helps with spleen Qi deficiency. Job’s tears can help more specifically for those of you with sever spleen Qi deficiency. Signs of severe spleen Qi deficiency are type 1 or 2 PCOS where you may have insulin resistance, trouble losing weight, chronic diarrhea or bloating. 

            • Where to buy: You can get them at a grocery store. I’ve never seen them at American supermarkets but I know that you can get them at a Chinese grocery store.
            • How to use: Job’s tears can be made in a soup and are very safe to consume on their own. Your body will let you know if you’ve consumed too much. There isn’t any harm if you consume too much you may just have some unpleasant digestive symptoms if you consume too much of any of these. Make sure to listen and be aware of your body. 


              Hopefully you can find some of these Chinese herbs in the grocery stores. They are super safe to consume on their own and don’t need to be in any specific formulation.

              You can take them in conjunction with whatever else you are taking. If you are a Two Elefants customer and are already taking out herbal elixirs, even though goji berry is in one of our elixirs, you can still take extra if you would like.

              Keep your phases and underlying patterns in mind. If you are blood deficient, in the bleeding phase of your cycle or have heavy bleeding during your period you can add in some extra goji berries during the bleeding phase of your cycle. 
              Keep in mind, as I mentioned earlier, while all of these foods as herbs are helpful to give your fertility a boost you’re still not going to get the full effect as if you were taking an herbal elixir formulated specifically for your pattern.

              I want to make this as clear as possible so you’re not telling me that you’ve been eating Chinese yams every day or drinking tart cherry juice every day and not seeing a difference. While some women will notice a difference you may not notice an overall change because everyone’s bodies are different and we need to treat the overall pattern to have a full affect on your body. 
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