The Lowdown on Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM)

I’m so glad that you’re here! Today we are going to talk about egg white cervical mucus (EWCM). We know that egg white cervical mucus is what everyone looks for around ovulation because it is the mucus that will help you to get pregnant. EWCM signals that ovulation is right around the corner but it also has special properties that allow it to carry the sperm where it needs to go. I want to focus on some possible causes of lack of EWCM, address the fad of using cough syrup to increase EWCM and discuss ways to help you boost EWCM production.

You may notice that your mucus changes throughout the month, don’t worry, that is exactly what it’s supposed to do! It will change from watery, thin, egg-white mucus to thick, glue-like, pasty and opaque. You see these changes in consistency of cervical mucus in response to the hormonal shifts in your body. Cervical mucus signifies that ovulation is coming, hormonal shifts and it can carry and filter the sperm. EWCM is desired before ovulation because the thin cervical mucus is the type of mucus that will allow the sperm to travel to the egg. After you ovulate it is thick and pasty in order to block the sperm from traveling. Think of cervical mucus as a filtration system. Cervical mucus filters out poor quality sperm, the sperm that really have no business being in the uterus or making their way up to the tubes. Cervical mucus is very important and has a lot of major purposes other than telling us that we are ovulating.


Some reasons for lack of EWCM

 Medicine  - several different types of medication will dry out your cervical mucus including allergy medications, antihistamines, cough suppressants and Clomid.

 Yin Deficiency - According to Chinese Medicine Yin Deficiency can be the reason you are lacking EWCM. I talk briefly in one of my podcast episodes about how Yin Deficiceny can either be a symptom or a root cause. In order to know for sure take the pattern quiz on the Two Elefants website or click this link —> .

 Side Note: Don’t panic if one month you don’t notice EWCM. It’s not long enough to worry after one cycle because something that happened that month or the month before can be contributing to the lack of EWCM. Only if it happens consistently over multiple cycles. If this is the case it could point to Yin deficiency


Avoid the fads

Word on the street is that you should take Mucinex to thin your cervical mucus and help you get pregnant. I want to be really clear here. If you already have very little cervical mucus or a lack of cervical mucus Mucinex will NOT help you to produce more mucus. This is a very important concept that I want you to understand. If you have a certain amount of mucus Mucinex can thin out the mucus and make it appear to be more watery and egg white but it will not produce more mucus. I’ve been doing this a long time and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this concept. In my opinion dealing with Mucinex and the side effects of the medication just because you don’t see cervical mucus is just putting a bandaid on the issue. If you use Mucinex for the purpose I just discussed you aren’t fixing the root cause and you’re taking a medication you don’t really need.


 How to boost cervical mucus the healthy and fertile way

  1. Two Elefants Herbal Elixirs - This is the easiest, safest, painless way to increase cervical mucus without side effects. This is the safest because you are working on your underlying imbalances. Keep in mind, just because you don’t have a lot of EWCM doesn’t mean your underlying pattern is Yin Deficiency. So if you’re reading this and thinking “I’m Yin Deficient I’m going to buy the faithful blend and hope to increase my EWCM”, this is the wrong way to go about it. Buying the faithful blend would be matching up medicine with only one particular symptom versus treating the root cause. Maybe you don’t see a lot of cervical mucus but your underlying patterns are Blood Deficiency and Qi Deficiency. Only by working on those underlying patterns are you going to see a boost in cervical mucus production. On top of that by treating your primary Chinese Medicine patterns you’ll notice a ton of improvement in your overall symptoms. You’re going to have a lot more energy, sleep better and have improved digestion. You can purchase elixirs at


  1. Eat Yin Nourishing Foods Before Ovulation - We have 4 phases of the menstrual cycle Blood, Yin, Qi and Yang. The Yin Phase is the time after your period ends to the time of ovulation also known as the pre-ovulation phase. During this time it’s very important that you avoid spicy foods and drying foods because those aren’t nourishing to the Yin energy. We do not want to dry out the cooling or lubricating Yin energy so you should instead be eating things like fish, chicken, kelp and pears. If you’re interested in finding lists of Yin nourishing foods and recipes check out the new resources in Fertile Elefants membership site


  1. Drink More Water - It seems so obvious but a lot of us do not drink enough water. Our mucus is made mainly of water. If we don’t drink enough water then we are not going to have the fluids that we need. I’m talking about old fashioned plain water. If you do not feel thirsty that’s is another imbalance in Chinese Medicine. We actually look at what type of water you’re drinking, how often you’re drinking it, if you always thirsty or if you are thirsty but not for water. All of these things we look at signal different types of imbalances. For example, if you don’t have a lot of cervical mucus, are always thirsty and have dry mouth you could be Yin deficient.


Questions from the Fertile Herd

Can I use evening primrose oil to help with cervical mucus?

Evening primrose oil is something I lump into the same category with vitex and maca. In Chinese Medicine we don’t use evening primrose oil in such a way because in Chinese Medicine everything is formulated in such a way for a purpose not to treat one specific symptom. There’s a combination of 10-12 herbs not just one because in TCM we don’t focus on just one area. If you’re taking evening primrose oil just for that one specific symptom that you’re trying to fix then you’re neglecting the root cause and other areas of your heath. The truth is by adjusting your diet and lifestyle you’re going to naturally see more production of cervical mucus and then you don’t even need to be taking evening primrose oil. So as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner I do not prescribe or take herbs by themselves.


Is room temperature water ok to drink?

Room temperature water is ok to drink. If you want to warm it up to that’s ok too. The tip is that if you are in the middle of your period or two week wait (TWW) then warming up the water would be extremely more beneficial. Hot water will give your Qi and Blood an extra boost during the TWW wait. During this time we want everything as warm/hot as possible. The last week before an expected period you can consciously drink more warm/hot water (this is actually a great example of how we are looking to sync food and drink to the phases of the menstrual cycle too).


I hope that was helpful! Again, all of these herbs or fads out there are not the way to go. You know my stance. They may help you short term but you are not fixing or treating the underlying root problems.

Thanks for joining us today!



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