Fertility Herbal Elixirs - A Powerful Way to Help You Get Pregnant Faster!

Fertility Herbal Elixirs - A Powerful Way to Help You Get Pregnant Faster!

Our Fertility Herbal Elixirs dramatically improve fertility because they are personalized for you depending on your fertility patterns.  You will notice an improvement to overall health which will then boost your chances of getting pregnant.  Here are some results that you can expect (keep in mind everyone's situations are different):

  • Regular cycle and regular ovulation
  • A more fertile cycle (download our Fertile Cycle Starter Kit HERE.)
  • Improved egg quality
  • Improved lining quality 
  • Increased chance of implantation
  • Increased production of fertile cervical mucus
  • Better circulation (goodbye cold hands and feet)
  • A more fertile mindset
  • Better digestion for better absorption of nutrients
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy

Please take a moment to read the instructions below to ensure that you order the proper formulation for you. 

*IMPORTANT - If you're currently taking fertility medication for procedures such as IUI, IVF, or timed-cycle, do not order these herbs to prevent interactions with medication.  

How To Order

Step 1.  Click on the link below to take the quiz based on Chinese medicine to discover your Fertility Patterns: 

NOTE:  Don't forget you'll have TWO primary patterns that come up as the results of the quiz.  

  Are you buying for your husband?  Have him take the Chinese medicine pattern quiz for MEN to discover his patterns:



Step 2.  After you discover your primary patterns, order the elixirs that MATCH the names of your patterns.  Most of you will require TWO formulations.



Please order TWO bottles of each formulation, for a total of FOUR bottles for a ONE MONTH supply.  

For information on the herbal elixirs and how to take them, please visit the FAQ page HERE.  

Watch a video on how to take your herbal elixirs HERE.

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