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FERTILITY - Elixir Kit (One Month Supply)


We created the Two Elefants® Fertility Elixir Kit to encourage you to take your Fertility Herbal Elixirs consistently and for an extended period of time in order to get the best results possible.

If you have not taken our Quiz yet and you’re not sure what your patterns are, please Click Here to discover the patterns that best fit you.

However, if you're here, we suspect you know your patterns and want an easier way to stay in stock! We suggest you take your fertility herbal elixirs consistently and for several months, so here we have bundled four bottles at a time, which should be a one month supply.

We hope this is easier than buying one or two bottles at a time... and with a helpful price break!


Kit Savings: $10.00


Simply choose one of your patterns from the drop-down list on your right.

Then choose your second pattern from the second drop-down list on your right.

Add one (1) kit to your cart! 

The pictures in the description are just examples of what you receive in a kit. You will want to choose the patterns that you have identified for yourself as an individual by taking the pattern quiz.

The rest is easy! You will receive four (4) bottles total - 2 bottles of each of your fertility pattern blends.

Choose one blend to start, open the bottle, and take as directed (1/2 teaspoon 2x daily) until it s gone. Then choose your second blend, open the bottle, and take as directed until it is gone. Then return to your first blend, and then your second blend. You are just alternating herbal blends - and each one should last about a week. So you are stocked with a one month supply!


What you can expect:

Most people report more regular cycles, an increase in cervical mucus, better digestion, improved egg quality, and/or improved lining quality.

We have hundreds of testimonials reporting better mental clarity, higher energy levels, and consistent focus during the day from our products designed to meet your foundational nutritional needs. Once your body’s needs are met, you are closer to healthier hormone cycles.

Generally you should begin seeing results in 2-3 weeks. For best results, make sure you take your Elixir consistently, 2x every day for several months!

Occasionally we hear about bloating in the first couple weeks. This is normal! Bloating should decrease or go away entirely. If it doesn't, take it with food for a while or please reach out for support at hello@2elefants.com. We're here to help!

*See individual product descriptions for details

* Safe to take with Two Elefants® Fertile Me and additional supplements


Video How-To: