Grateful is my Fertility Pattern


Congratulations!  I'm so glad you have some answers now. You've just made a HUGE step towards identifying the real reasons behind your fertility struggles. No more "unexplained" or "why am I not getting pregnant".

You can now PERSONALIZE your diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocols.

Everyone will have TWO primary patterns. The primary patterns are responsible for all of our challenges not just with fertility, but with all aspects of health.  No worries, you can link to your second pattern from right here on this page - and all you need to do is take both patterns into consideration with your new diet and lifestyle protocols.


The Grateful Fertility Pattern is related to Blood Deficiency in Chinese Medicine.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you're anemic according to Western medicine standards. But blood is nourishment for the internal organs.  If there isn't enough blood, the organ functions will become sluggish.  Which means it will impact the amount of blood flow to the ovaries and uterus and affect the egg quality and lining quality.  That is why Grateful patterns will often present with super light period flow.

Grateful patterns are not typically seen in men because men are at a lower risk of blood loss since they do not have menstrual cycles, and they can absorb iron better than women.

If you fall into thIs category, do not worry. There are many things that can be done to boost blood production and blood flow.  We can help you to create your personalized herbal, diet, lifestyle and supplement protocols.


Starting with this quick grocery list customized for your Grateful Pattern:

Blood Deficiency Shopping List
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