Hopeful is my Fertility Pattern

Congratulations!  I'm so glad you have some answers now. You've just made a HUGE step towards identifying the real reasons behind your fertility struggles. No more "unexplained" or "why am I not getting pregnant?"

You can now PERSONALIZE your diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocols.

Everyone will have TWO primary patterns. The primary patterns are responsible for all of our challenges not just with fertility, but with all aspects of health.  No worries, you can link to your second pattern from right here on this page - and all you need to do is take both patterns into consideration with your new diet and lifestyle protocols.


The Hopeful Fertility Pattern is related to Qi Deficiency in Chinese Medicine.

Qi (pronounced Chee) Deficiency, means that the production of Qi is not adequate to supply your body with the vital energy and nutrition that it needs. Qi deficiency will impact the amount of blood flow to the ovaries and uterus as well because when the body is in a state of deficiency, reproductive functions are typically put on the back burner as it is not consider essential for survival (tough to accept but true.)

Hopeful patterns will benefit greatly from dietary changes.  Things like cold drinks and raw foods such as salads, will cause Qi deficiency.

If you fall into this category, do not worry. There are many things that can be done to boost Qi production!  We can help you to personalize your herbal, diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocols.


Starting with this quick grocery list customized for your Hopeful Pattern:


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