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How to Use Elixirs

Chinese herbal medicine differs from Western medicine in that no person is ever given just one single herb. Instead, herbs are given in a formulation where they balance and enhance each other's functions. At Two Elefants®, we give each formulation a symbolic name and you find your "Pattern" by taking our Quiz.

Two Elefants® Elixirs are created in the traditional way to preserve the potency of herbs by effectively soaking raw herbs in grain alcohol for an extended period of time to extract their essence.

What are the Elixirs named for?

In keeping with our optimistic and encouraging outlook on fertility support, we named our Elixirs for the positive effect they can provide. Each Elixir formula is based on a pattern as recognized by traditions of Chinese Medicine. The Chinese names for these patterns may create confusion for Western users, so in each product description we provide both the Two Elefants® name and the Chinese Medicine fertility pattern. 

For more detail on exactly what goes into formulation of these herbs, please read our Blog here.

Get started with Two Elefants® Elixirs:

Discover your Chinese Medicine Fertility Pattern by taking our Two Elefants® Quiz. You will receive a suggested Elixir based on your Quiz results.

We created a separate Quiz for male-bodied individuals Here. If you are anatomically male and looking to conceive, please take the male Quiz to discover your pattern and receive guidance and support!

Once you receive your Two Elefants® shipment, unpack your Elixir and put it in a prominent place where you will remember to take it. We recommend keeping it in the kitchen next to where you make your breakfast or on your bedside table. Many of our community members set alarms on their phones to remember to consistently use their Elixir, yielding best results.

You can drop it into your mouth directly or under your tongue, or drop it into a small amount of water and drink it in one quick gulp, like a shot. Avoid adding it to smoothies or other chilled beverages, because cold drinks are not fertility-friendly.

We recommend taking your Elixir between meals. Take the first half-teaspoon after breakfast and the second half-teaspoon after lunch.

What you can expect:

Most people report more regular cycles, an increase in cervical mucus, better digestion, improved egg quality and/or improved lining quality.

Generally you should begin seeing results in 2-3 weeks. For best results, make sure you take your Elixir consistently, 2x every day!

Occasionally we hear about bloating in the first couple weeks. This is normal! Bloating should decrease or go away entirely. If it doesn't, take it with food for a while or please reach out for support at hello@2elefants.com. We're here to help!

Should I continue to take my Two Elefants® Elixir(s) if I become pregnant?

Once you discover that you are pregnant, halt the use of your Two Elefants® Elixir. 

While it will not be harmful if you didn't know you were pregnant and continued to use your Elixir, it is the best practice to stop using preconception herbals after you become aware that you have conceived. 
On behalf of our team at Two Elefants®, congratulations! We’re so excited for you. Come celebrate your BFP (Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result) in our online community.

What if I have a condition or concern? Can I take Two Elefants® Elixirs with medications or other herbal formulations?

We often get questions about specific conditions or diagnoses, such as thyroid problems, PCOS, Endometriosis, etc. While we designed these products with consideration for the most common frustrations facing individuals who want to get pregnant, please consult with a physician before supplementing your diet. 

From a Chinese medicine perspective, herbal formulations are focused specifically on underlying patterns or imbalances, with the goal of improving foundational wellbeing and encouraging fertility.

Please consult your physician before introducing Elixirs and supplements into your dietary regimen. 

Here is a list of conditions that we definitely do NOT recommend using in conjunction with our herbal elixirs. Please do not use Two Elefants® Elixirs if you are:

- Starting or in the middle of an IUI/IVF or a medicated cycle.

- Taking blood thinners such as prescription heparin, lovonox, coumadin, or over-the-counter aspirin.

- Allergic to any of the ingredients in the herbal elixirs.  

Keep in mind that we cannot anticipate every single scenario or situation. It's best to exercise caution.  Please always check with your Physician if you're thinking about taking our elixirs.

Why do Two Elefants® Elixirs contain Alcohol content?

Two Elefants® Elixirs are formulated using the traditional Chinese Medicine method which involves using grain alcohol. This is a time-honored practice that dates back several thousand years.  

Alcohol is a potent, natural preservative of freshness. Grain Alcohol also has warming properties to help to carry the herbs into the bloodstream much faster so that they can start working right away. 

Please do not take Two Elefants® herbal Elixirs if you are allergic to alcohol or are recovering from alcoholism.

Why are Two Elefants® herbal formulas created in Elixir form, rather than a powder?

We commonly get asked if the Two Elefants® Elixirs can be made into a powder instead.Our Elixirs are created in the tradition of Chinese Medicine according to understood patterns related to fertility.

An Elixir is the most potent way to take a Chinese herbal formulation besides cooking the raw herbs yourself, which is time-consuming and expensive. Powder formulations are not as powerful as liquid concentrates. 

Elixir formulation also helps preserve the powerful effects of the herbs used. Elixirs make Chinese herbalism simple and accessible.

Do we offer any guarantee with our Elixirs?

We cannot guarantee that you'll get pregnant just by taking these herbal elixirs. 

Every individual’s health and wellness situation is drastically different. We encourage you to consult with a likeminded Physician to create a fertility plan. Your plan can include your Two Elefants® regimen, diet, lifestyle, and an assessment of your pre-existing health situation to determine the best path for you.

At Two Elefants®, our philosophy is focused on achieving balance and body harmony. We believe that harmony and balanced systems create a more fertile cycle, and our products are formulated with that goal in mind.