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How to Use Fertile Me

Fertile-me is a pre-conception pre-natal supplement: That is, Fertile Me is a supplement created specifically for individuals who are working to conceive.

All supplements are created with the guidance of nutritionists and medical advisors and approved by our Practically Fertile® Methodology.

How to use Two Elefants® Fertile-me Prenatal:

Fertile Me (F-Me) is the ultimate pre-conception pre-natal.

It is created for you to use while you are preparing for pregnancy and working towards conception. Once you become pregnant, halt use of Fertile-me and switch to a supplement specifically for pregnancy. 

Formulated in a delicious powdered drink mix, Fertile Me includes the essential vitamins you need to prepare for pregnancy, and extra fertility amplifiers and superfoods that you would normally have to supplement in addition to an ordinary prenatal.

Fertile Me is a preconception prenatal multivitamin. You should not take it in addition to another prenatal.  This is the only prenatal supplement you need! The ingredients included in Fertile-me are hand-picked due to their association with fertility support.

Do not take Fertile-me with another prenatal. We do not recommend taking two prenatal vitamins at once.  If you flood your body systems with a higher-than-necessary percentage of recommended daily nutrient values, this can be taxing on your body and can do more harm than good.

Get started using Two Elefants® Fertile-me Prenatal:

Fertile-me is a prenatal supplement for female-bodied individuals.

We suggest keeping it in the kitchen next to where you make your breakfast or on your bedside table. Many of our community members set alarms on their phones to remember to consistently use their regimen, yielding best results. 

We also highly recommend that you take note of factors such as cycle regularity, bloating, digestion, sleep quality, mood, egg quality, and lining quality before AND during use. Take notes so that you notice a significant before-and-after! Doing this will help you track what’s working for you, and it will help us to support you during your Two Elefants® experience.

What you can expect:

Many people report more regular cycles, an increase in cervical mucus, improved egg quality and/or improved lining quality. Individual experiences differ due to diet, lifestyle and health history, but we LOVE the testimonials we receive due to the quality ingredients included in Fertile-me!

Take Fertile-me with the support of your practitioner for at least 90 days and take note of changes in your cycle, fertility specs and more. Consistently take your Fertile-me every day at the same time for best results. 

If you have a question or concern, reach out for support at hello@2elefants.com. We're here to help!

Do we offer any guarantee with Fertile-me?

Every individual’s health and wellness situation is different. We encourage you to consult with a likeminded Physician to create a fertility plan. Your plan can include your Two Elefants® regimen, diet, lifestyle, and an assessment of your pre-existing health situation to determine the best path for you.

At Two Elefants®, our philosophy is focused on achieving balance and body harmony. We believe that harmony and balanced systems create a more fertile cycle, and our products are formulated with that goal in mind.

Should I continue to take my Two Elefants® Fertile-me Preconception Prenatal once I become pregnant?

Once you discover that you are pregnant, stop the use of your Two Elefants® Fertile-me. 

While it will not be harmful if you didn't know you were pregnant and continued to use your Fertile-me, it is the best practice to stop using preconception herbals or supplements after you become aware that you have conceived. Fertile-me includes fertility amplifiers such as CoQ10 and Inositol to increase your chances of conception, and these are not recommended to take during pregnancy.

On behalf of our team at Two Elefants®, congratulations! We’re so excited for you. Come celebrate your BFP (Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result) in our online community.

What if I have a condition or concern? Can I take Two Elefants® Fertile-me with medications or other herbal formulations?

We often get questions about specific conditions or diagnoses, such as thyroid problems, PCOS, Endometriosis, etc. While we designed these products with consideration for the most common frustrations facing individuals who want to get pregnant, please consult with a physician before supplementing your diet. 

From a Chinese medicine perspective, our formulations are focused specifically on underlying patterns or imbalances, with the goal of improving foundational wellbeing and encouraging fertility. 

The majority of individuals can safely and effectively benefit from using Two Elefants® Fertile-me. 

Please do not use Two Elefants® Fertile-me if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the formulation.

Keep in mind that we cannot anticipate every single scenario or situation. It's best to exercise caution.  Please always check with your Physician if you're thinking about taking Fertile-me alongside medications or supplements. 

Why does Fertile-me have lower Daily Value Percentages than many other Prenatals?

This is an important question! The truth is, your body can only absorb and utilize so much of each vitamin and mineral.

At Two Elefants®, we believe in supplementing with care and intention.

When we flood our bodies with supplements containing far beyond the FDA-approved Daily Value intake, it is not healthy or advised. We cannot absorb these nutrients and they can create a buildup in other parts of our bodies. 

Water-soluble vitamins will be disposed of as waste, using up valuable reproductive energy and taxing your kidneys and liver. Fat-soluble vitamins will have nowhere to go and take a longer time to process through your body systems. You are eating foods everyday that also provide your body with nutrients, and so many ingredients in prenatal supplements are intended to be used in conjunction with a fertility-friendly diet. 

The ingredients in Fertile Me that contain slightly more than 100% daily value have been purposefully calculated based on research that suggests it has value while TTC (Trying To Conceive).

Does Fertile-me contain artificial sweeteners or other ingredients that may harm my diet?

At Two Elefants® we are proud to have created a supplement that is non-GMO and free of any artificial sweeteners.  

The ingredients in Fertile-me are all natural and are sweetened with Monk Fruit, which is a small green melon that contains zero calories or carbohydrates, and does not raise blood glucose levels.

Two Elefants® Fertile Me is also Vegan, Dairy-Free, and Gluten-Free.

Questions about Two Elefants® Fertile-me Ingredients:

Does Fertile-me contain Folate?

Yes! We at Two Elefants® support the use of Folate during preconception time. It does not show up as just “Folate” in your ingredients list - it is instead listed as “Vitamin B9 (5-Methyltetrahydrafolate)”.

We chose the 5-MHTF form of Folate for Two Elefants® Fertile-me because it is the naturally occurring form of Vitamin B9, and is already in the form your body needs to absorb into your bloodstream.  

Our Medical advisors and team decided on Vitamin B9 5-MHTF instead of Folic acid for Fertile-me because of our commitment to easy absorption and usage of the nutrients in our supplements.

Why isn’t Omega-3 included in Fertile-me?

During your conception journey, we encourage you to get your Omega-3 fatty acids from a seafood/animal source, as it is the only concentrated source of both EPA and DHA. The major Omega-3 fatty acid in plants is alpha-linolenic acid, which has to be converted by the body into EPA in order to be beneficially absorbed. This process leaves the body with about 1% to the more-needed DHA/EPA. Therefore, the effects of plant based Omega-3 fatty acids are much more modest than the effects of EPA-rich oils.

Supplementing with a high-quality source of Omega-3 is also associated with anti-inflammatory effects and can provide essential nutrients for brain, fetal, and eye development.

What are “Fertility Amplifiers” and why are they included in Fertile-me?

Our Fertility Amplifiers are Inositol and CoQ10, which you would normally have to purchase in addition to a prenatal multivitamin. Myo-Inositol has been linked in studies to more regular hormonal cycles, leading to an increased likelihood of conception. It improves insulin sensitivity and may also be beneficial to patients with ovulatory infertility.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is also known as Ubiquinone. Ubiquinone plays a very important role in biology.  Studies show that supplementing CoQ10 while TTC (Trying To Conceive) improves the health of a woman's eggs and may be linked to increased fertilization rates.

There has been debate surrounding whether or not it is more beneficial to take Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol. Our team and Medical Advisors agree that it does not matter, according to what we understand about their biological processes.  

CoQ10 actually shifts back and forth between its ubiquinone and ubiquinol form in a continuous cycle inside the body, depending on which form is needed in a particular situation. Ubiquinol in its raw form is simply more expensive to research and manufacture.  Therefore, we chose to include Ubiquinone in the Two Elefants® Fertile Me supplement, confidently maintaining the highest-quality ingredient while keeping the product accessible.

Why are Superfood ingredients included in the Two Elefants® Fertile-me formula?

At Two Elefants® we believe in whole-body nutrition and quality supplementation as you work towards conception and a healthy pregnancy. We hand-picked ingredients that are associated with increased fertility.

The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained in this blend of whole superfoods have important fertility benefits. They are associated with immune support and help to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. Fertility is a direct reflection of overall health.

Even if you have a fertility-friendly diet, the helpful superfoods in Fertile-me are often overlooked foods that we are unlikely to eat every day, but contain fantastic nutrient contents. For example, we know that most people are unlikely to eat an entire bushel of artichokes each day during preconception! You are also probably not consuming pomegranates constantly. Fertile-me is here to help you meet your body’s foundational needs.

Questions about additional Supplementation:

Should I continue to also take COQ10 and Inositol?

While using Fertile-me, there is no reason for you to keep taking CoQ10 and Inositol separately. We created and designed Fertile-me to hopefully free you from having to take multiple pills from multiple bottles each day. 

Unless you have been advised by your doctor to take a larger dose of any of these ingredients, Fertile-Me is the only preconception prenatal most individuals need.

Should I continue to take my other supplements, such as Vitamin E, that are included in Fertile-me?

Since there are so many wonderful ingredients in Fertile-me, there is no reason for you to take other supplements that are already included in the Fertile-me ingredient list. Please consult with your physician and if you have a condition or have had blood work from your doctor showing deficiencies in any of the ingredients, ask them about your potential requirement for a larger dosage.

We have sourced high-quality professional-grade supplements in addition to Fertile-me, so if you find yourself in need of additional Vitamin E or others for your fertility support regimen, see our additional supplements Here.

How do I know if I need to add additional supplements besides Fertile-me?

Every individual's health history and needs may differ. The amount of each supplement needs to be determined by your physician, based on medical diagnoses and deficiencies revealed through bloodwork. 

We have worked to source fantastic high-quality supplements in addition to Fertile-me, which you can shop Here. We provide thoughtfully-created supplements for both females and males working towards conception.