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You are Faithful, Learn more.

The Faithful Fertility Pattern is related to Yin Deficiency in Chinese Medicine.

Yin Deficiency can best be understood by its close relations with the hormone Estrogen. Yin energy is everything cooling and lubricating. that is why Faithful patterns will often have many dryness sign such as lack of cervical mucus, vaginal dryness, sometimes dry hair. Yin deficiency also directly affects the egg quality. If you've been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve or high FSH, you will have some prominent Yin deficiency signs.

If you fall into this category, do not worry. Egg quality can absolutely be improved.  We can help you with personalizing your herb, diet and supplement protocols.

Yin Deficiency Blend

Ingredients: Prepared Rehmannia root. Cornus fruit. Chinese Yam root. Poria sclerotium fungus. Alisma rhizome. Moutan root bark. Anemarrhena rhizome. Phellodendron bark. Herbs processed using water, grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine.

Alcohol Content: 20-30%