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FORTIFY - Miscarriage Support Kit


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We created the Two Elefants® Fortify Kit to help you support and fortify your body after miscarriage.

When we suffer this heartbreaking misfortune, we must let the experience flow through us both emotionally and physically, and remain hopeful for the future.

Chinese Medicinal traditions call for herbal support during the miscarriage recovery process. The 2 Elixirs in this kit, Flow and Hopeful, are formulated with ingredients honored by the traditions of Chinese Medicine and herbal study. The goal is to nurture and strengthen your body and renew your energy so that you can prepare for a fertile cycle in the future when you are ready.

* The Two Elefants® Fortify Kit includes a one-month supply:
2 bottles of Flow Elixir
2 bottles of Hopeful Elixir

How to use the Fortify Kit:
1. Take Flow after suffering a miscarriage for two weeks
2. Take Hopeful for two weeks after that

Shake your Elixir bottle well and take half a teaspoon 2x daily.

You can drop it into your mouth directly or under your tongue, or drop it into a small amount of water and drink it in one quick gulp, like a shot. Avoid adding it to smoothies or other chilled beverages, because cold drinks are not fertility-friendly.
We recommend taking your Elixir between meals. Take the first half-teaspoon after breakfast and the second half-teaspoon after lunch.

What are the Elixirs named for?

In keeping with our optimistic and encouraging outlook on fertility support, we named our Elixirs for the positive effect they can provide. Each Elixir formula is based on a pattern as recognized by traditions of Chinese Medicine.

The Chinese names for these patterns may create confusion, so in each product description we provide both the Two Elefants® name and the Chinese Medicine fertility pattern.

What you can expect:

Most people report more regular cycles, an increase in cervical mucus, better digestion, improved egg quality and/or improved lining quality.

We have hundreds of testimonials reporting better mental clarity, higher energy levels, and consistent focus during the day from our products designed to meet your foundational nutritional needs. Once your body’s needs are met, you are closer to healthier hormone cycles.

Occasionally we hear about bloating in the first couple weeks. This is normal! Bloating should decrease or go away entirely. If it doesn't, take it with food for a while or please reach out for support at hello@2elefants.com. We're here to help!

Flow Elixir Ingredients: Carthamus flower, Persica seed, Prepared Rehmania root, Angelica sinensis root, Ligusticum wallichii rhizome, White Peony root. Herbs processed using water, grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin.
Alcohol Content: 20-30%

Hopeful Elixir Ingredients: Atractylodes macrocephaia rhizome. Poria sclerolium fungus. Pinella rhizome. Citrus peel. Saussursa root. Cardemom Amomum viliceum fruit. Red Ginseng root. Codonopsis root. Fresh Ginger rhizome. Honey Baked Chinese Licorice root. Herbs processed using water, grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin.
Alcohol Content: 20-30%

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