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Joyful Elixir: Yang Deficiency


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 The Joyful Elixir is formulated to address the Yang Deficiency pattern of Traditional Chinese medicine.

At Two Elefants®, we’re obsessed with fertility. Our goal is to help you understand potential sources of imbalance in your body, so that you can stop struggling and finally celebrate that positive result.

If you took the Quiz and got a Joyful (Yang deficient) pattern result, you may often have cold, clammy skin. You may experience poor circulation, low energy, and low vitality. The goal is to warm and revitalize the body, bring your systems into balance using traditional herbs.

Yang (pronounced more like the word "Young") Deficiency, in Chinese medicine, is not usually seen in women under the age of 45 unless you were born with a severe underlying functional problems with the Kidneys, or you've experienced a tremendous amount of trauma.

If you have not taken our Quiz yet and you’re not sure what your pattern is, please Click Here to discover the pattern that best fits you.

What are the Elixirs named for?

In keeping with our optimistic and encouraging outlook on fertility support, we named our Elixirs for the positive effect they can provide. Each Elixir formula is based on a pattern as recognized by traditions of Chinese Medicine.

The Chinese names for these patterns may create confusion, so in each product description we provide both the Two Elefants® name and the Chinese Medicine fertility pattern.

What you can expect:

Most people report more regular cycles, an increase in cervical mucus, better digestion, improved egg quality and/or improved lining quality.

We have hundreds of testimonials reporting better mental clarity, higher energy levels, and consistent focus during the day from our products designed to meet your foundational nutritional needs. Once your body’s needs are met, you are closer to healthier hormone cycles.

Generally you should begin seeing results in 2-3 weeks. For best results, make sure you take your Elixir consistently, 2x every day for several months!

Occasionally we hear about bloating in the first couple weeks. This is normal! Bloating should decrease or go away entirely. If it doesn't, take it with food for a while or please reach out for support at hello@2elefants.com. We're here to help!

Joyful Elixir (Yang Deficiency Blend) Ingredients:

Curculigo rhizome. Epimedium herb. Morinda root. Phellodendron bark. Anemarrhena rhizome. Angelica Sinensis root. Herbs processed using water, grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine.

Alcohol Content: 20-30%


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