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  • "My cycles were 24 days the last 3 months... since I started with Two Elefants elixirs, now the most recent one was 26. I was ovulating on day 9-12... this last cycle was on day 13... I am so grateful to be taking this journey with Two Elefants!"

    C.B. - Tampa FL

  • Adrienne's chinese herbs is a game changer! I recommend everyone to try out the chinese herbs not only for fertility purposes, but for a natural and safe regimen to experience an overall better quality of life. Adrienne Wei's Practically Fertile program (The Fertile Period Lab) and chinese herbs, Two Elefants have done more for me and my health than any other doctor has ever done throughout my life. I'm so grateful I found Adrienne's podcast. Adrienne's knowledge and compassion for helping others has unknowingly changed my life so much that I will be forever grateful for. ❤️

    Sherry G. - Miami, FL

  • "As a woman trying to conceive in my 40’s, I was delighted to see that my short cycles were significantly improved after taking a 2 Elefants elixir only for a month. After the second month, other fertile signs also improved, as well as symptoms that had been bothering me for months (poor sleep, dry skin on my hands, and constipation). I’ve become very interested in other aspects of Chinese Medicine, (most of which I’ve found on the Fertile Elephants website) and am so happy to have a completely new resource for my health that is inexpensive, straightforward, easy and safe."

    Diana W. - Bend, OR

  • "I just want to say how amazing N-Acetyl Cysteine is! I started taking the Two Elefants NAC a little over a month ago after Adrienne recommended it on her podcast. I am very happy to report that I have 0 PMDD symptoms this month!!! I wasn't even taking it for that. It was a very, very happy discovery!"

    Rachel M. - Denton, TX

  • "I am so grateful for F-Me. I used to take kelp, spirulina, CoQ10 and a prenatal and now I can simply replace it all with this, such a relief. Also loved the idea of ginger tea. Tastes super yummmm."

    Anar S.

  • I did all the miscarriage protocols and preventions from the program and started to take these elixirs and my period came back one month after miscarriage and I feel that everything is leveled and stable. Chinese herbs don't necessarily make you feel physically significantly different right away, but I strongly believe that it does strengthen and give energy/balance in your body and it helps improve overall. I'm glad that we have accessibility to good products. Thanks!"

    Hyojin S. - Boston, MA

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