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I'm Adrienne Wei, the Founder of Two Elefants®.

I started Two Elefants because of my own fertility story.

I experienced my own years-long journey of understanding the body’s natural cycles and how we can bring them into harmony.

Later as an Acupuncturist and Board-certified Chinese Herbalist, I got tired of trying to find the right supplementation to suggest to my acupuncture clients...so I formulated my own.

It’s my goal to make your fertility journey easier!

How it Works:

Our supplements and elixirs are formulated using Chinese herbs in order to help you reach body harmony.

The goal of Two Elefants® is to help you achieve a more fertile cycle through consistent use of hormone-supporting herbs. 

Our community reports more consistent cycles, improved egg quality and in turn, a more fertile cycle. We also hear wonderful things about our products for other aspects of bodily harmony such as higher energy, better sleep and improved digestion.


The Fertile-Me prenatal and the herbal elixirs helped me regulate my cycle and now I am ovulating every single month. I also notice less cramping and more egg white cervical mucus.

Ninfa M. of Hildalgo, TX


I am so grateful for the Fertile-Me prenatal.

I used to take kelp, spirulina, CoQ10 and a prenatal supplement and now I can simply replace it all with this, which is such a relief. It also tastes super yummy!



Fertile-Me has been a gamechanger to help my cycle lengths become more regular... and this is after only 2 months! I'm already starting to see brighter red blood flow!

Sydney D. of Murfreesboro, TN


Since being on Two Elefants F-Me and N-Acetyl Cysteine my labs have improved every month!
I just got my husband started too. I feel that it's because of these products that my egg quality is so much better.

Stephanie of Sedgewickville, MO


I recommend everyone to try out the chinese herbs not only for fertility purposes, but to experience an overall better quality of life.
After trying herbal elixirs for about 2 months, I no longer experience GERD, bloating, or gas. My digestion has improved significantly. I feel better throughout my day, I have more energy and because of this, I feel happier.

Sherry from Miami, FL


As a woman trying to conceive in my 40’s, I was delighted to see that my short cycles were significantly improved after taking an elixir for just one month. After the second month, other fertile signs also improved, as well as symptoms that had been bothering me for months (poor sleep, dry skin on my hands, and constipation).

I’ve become very interested in other aspects of Chinese Medicine, (most of which I’ve found on the Fertile Elephants website) and am so happy to have a completely new resource for my health that is inexpensive, straightforward, easy and safe.

Diana from Oregon


I cannot say enough about the Fertile-me fertility prenatal. It has helped my body so much.

This past cycle my period was no longer brown and I didn't have any spotting. It started as a bright red period. I also had the egg white cervical mucus for the first time this cycle. Thank you!

Kaii from Georgia

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Listen to the Fertile Me Radio® Podcast.

Our practitioners explore questions from our customers about what to eat, what supplements to take/avoid and how to understand hormonal cycles and patterns.

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Explaining the Four Substances in Chinese Medicine

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